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Home Theater – Lift for a 90″ TV

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Inca TV Lift

We spent the day positioning a lift that raises a 90 inch flat screen TV 8 feet from the basement into the great room through the floor. The lift weighs 1150 pounds and we needed a forklift to move it. This is the view of it just inside the garage door.                   The lift was custom designed ...

Cedia Launches a Consumer Site

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CEDIA announced the launch of a new consumer-focused website, which is located at . The site includes articles, project profiles, research tools, a plan-your-project area and more. “The goal of the site is to be an extension of our members marketing efforts while also serving as a go-to unbiased, resource for consumers and design and build ...

Savant Systems Releases Keypads Inspired by LiteTouch

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The new keypads offer a wide range of control options and designer-friendly aesthetics. Article written by: Julie Jacobson - Guest Writer, A co-founder of EH Publishing in 1994, Julie is editor-at-large of CE Pro, sister publication of Commercial Integrator. An authority on home automation, networking, integration, digital convergence and the CE pro channel, Julie speaks often about these ...

Savant Smart Energy Monitor

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Savant's Smart Energy Monitor allows users to reduce energy costs by monitoring how and when specific devices draw power. Savant CEO Robert Madonna explains it like this; " Savant's Smart Energy monitor will provide a system-wide view of total energy consumption as well as an easy to understand picture of cause-and-effect scenarios. The SmartEnergy Monitor connects to ...

Just because you can….

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I have a saying I have used frequently for a long time. "just because you can, does not always mean you should" I saw an advertisement for a refrigerator that had a "wifi LCD screen with apps" It has Weather, news, radio, calendar, picassa, and "even Twitter" Ok... I don't think a web interface is really necessary on a fridge. For ...

Top five reasons to hire a licensed contractor

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Licensed Contractor Marin County

SRS top 5 reasons why you should use a licensed contractor: Insurance: Contractors carry liability insurance. Qualifications: Licensed contractors must pass a written trade test. Experience: People licensed must have years of verified experience. It is the law: Any person performing more than 500.00 in work and materials must be licensed. Peace of mind: Contractors do it right!