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Paradigm Speakers get “One Big Stellar Sound Award” for their Prestige 15B bookshelf speaker

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Paradigm Prestige 15B

We love Paradigm for their sound quality and value.  Everything Audio Network, a blog that provides reviews for audiophiles, home theater, personal audio and home recording, has reviewed the Paradigm Prestige 15B bookshelf speaker, and found them to be impressive speakers, especially given the $799 price point. Reviewer stated they are "a fantastic, accurate, small monitor ...

What I Love about my Smart Home

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Music is accessible everywhere in my house. The system is easy to use – there isn’t even a need to upload a playlist or access my library of CDs. I can control what I’m hearing and the volume from the room I’m in, and even have music in the yard. I have high sound quality ...

The Benefits of a Smart Home

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Savant Smart Home Ligting Control

A smart home provides its owners with comfort, security, convenience, energy efficiency and the savings of time and money. These benefits are available at all times, regardless of whether the homeowners are in the home. In the smart home, all the different systems in the home such as audio, lighting, HVAC, window coverings and more are ...

What is a Smart Home?

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Control of multiple systems via an easy to use control system - Audio - Home Theater/Media Room - Shading - Lighting - HVAC - Pool, hot tub, landscape irrigation, appliances Ability to automate functions (e.g. set up to have lighting turn off when room in unoccupied for a period of time) Ability to control system when away from home (e.g. make certain all ...