Hiding kitchen appliances using a lift in the kitchen countertop

Written by Sam Sheppard on . Posted in Smart Home

In the A/V world, lifts are typically used to lift a TV from a cabinet or the floor into view. But they can be used more creatively, and Nexus brand lifts has begun to make lifts specifically for this purpose.

Recently we ran across an article about how an interior designer used a lift to hide small kitchen appliances from view, allowing better use of space and ease of use to the kitchen area. Her client was elderly, and had trouble lifting her heavy stand mixer from a cabinet up onto the countertop. Now that appliance, and many others, are easily accessible. Storage areas that were previously underutilized are put to full use.

We got to thinking about other things that can be hidden – a bar area, coffeemaker, etc. Imagine the ability to have clear counters, but still have your necessary items for cooking, baking, or entertaining available at the touch of a button. The full article, and a video about the installation, can be found in CE Pro.

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