The Benefits of a Smart Home

Written by Sam Sheppard on . Posted in Smart Home

Savant Smart Home Ligting ControlA smart home provides its owners with comfort, security, convenience, energy efficiency and the savings of time and money. These benefits are available at all times, regardless of whether the homeowners are in the home.

In the smart home, all the different systems in the home such as audio, lighting, HVAC, window coverings and more are connected and communicate with each other. This allows things to be programmed to happen automatically and allows control over all the systems at the touch of a single button. Home automation and home control provide efficiencies around energy usage, including the ability to control systems from inside the home or remotely, or based off detected conditions within the home.

Smart home technologies help in the effort to conserve the earth’s limited resources. Energy savings are provided through controlling and automating lighting, window coverings, HVAC, and irrigation systems. Energy monitoring can also be included in a smart home system – giving homeowners the information they need to make changes  to their behavior to save energy.
Every light, appliance and device in your home can be at your command through your smart phone, computer or other dedicated device. Concerns over excessive energy usage at home and wondering whether or not you closed the garage door are forever banished with a smart home automation system.

SRS Custom Integration will showcase smart house technologies at the Marin Home Show on June 1 & 2, 2013. Visit us in the Manzanita Room to see intelligent lighting, motorized shading,  and other technologies that make life more comfortable and enjoyable.

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