What I Love about my Smart Home

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  • Music is accessible everywhere in my house. The system is easy to use – there isn’t even a need to upload a playlist or access my library of CDs. I can control what I’m hearing and the volume from the room I’m in, and even have Iheartmysmarthomemusic in the yard. I have high sound quality and a variety of things to listen to – from my own playlists to Pandora & Spotify to podcasts and AM/FM radio.  My kids can have their own playlists dedicated to their own rooms.
  • Energy efficiency – I can control my lights and shades (or have the house control things for me by setting up sensors) allowing me to use less energy to heat, cool and light the house as needed throughout the day. In fact, just the installation of manual dimmers cuts back on energy usage and increases bulb lift – and it makes the home more pleasurable (who wants to turn the lights on full blast when up with a baby at 3AM?). With energy monitoring, it is also possible to see energy use of individual appliances and fixtures in real time – which means I have insight into how I am using energy and can figure out if there is any way to cut back on usage.
  • Entertainment systems are easier to use – control of the TV, DVD, and all other home theater devices can be done through one remote – or via my iPhone or iPad. No more lost remotes. The system is so simple to use that my mom and the babysitter can use it.
  • The technology is there and available, but you do not have to see it. Everything can be hidden, including the TV (via a mirror TV or Art Screen).
  • It is just more fun. Music is accessible everywhere. I have gaming systems available. I can organize my photographs on my Smart Phone into a slideshow to play on my TV.
  • The peace of mind it affords me – I can control the lights away from home – or set up the system to turn lights on and off to make it look like I’m home when I am not. With installed cameras, I can also view areas of my home when I am away, and have the system send an email to me when someone comes home – or even when a package arrives.

SRS Custom Integration will exhibit the smart home at the Marin Home & Garden Expo on June 1 & 2, 2013.  Come visit us in the main hall (Manzanita Room) to experience smart home technologies. More information about the show

On Saturday, June 1st at 1 PM, Scott Sheppard will give a lecture on What is a Smart Home?  More information about the lectures

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