Distributed Audio

Distributed AudioSometimes the most pleasure comes from what you hear rather than what you see. With distributed audio you can hear music wherever you are in your house, all controlled by the touch of a button.

With a multi-source distributed audio system, you can access streaming music in the kitchen, the TV in the living room, your MP3 collection in the bedroom, and satellite radio in another. All these audio sources can be individually controlled by locally mounted easy to use keypads, remote controls, or your iPhone (or other iDevice), with individual balance and volume controls.

Within a distributed audio system, each room that has music is independent from the other rooms so that rooms can be turned on and off individually, and can play different music or play the same music simultaneously, depending on what you want the system to do.

If you have multiple homes your music collection should be the same. SRS Custom Integration can provide the system that will help you to do this, and make it a user friendly, intuitive experience.

Today’s audio systems offer more options than ever. Let SRS Custom Integration help you to understand all of the options available so that you can really enjoy the listening experience. Give us a call at (415) 453-4404.