Energy Management

energy-managementThese days, we all want to be eco-friendly, but we also love our home theaters, iPads and the other comforts and conveniences provided by technology. It is possible to live green while keeping all the comforts of home, including the technology that makes life easier and more entertaining. There are many ways to be energy efficient within your home using smart home technology and the energy management solutions provided by SRS Custom Integration, and the system can be simple to use and affordable.  
Smart home technology provides energy management in many different ways, including automation and control of lighting, shades, heating, cooling, and other sub systems within the home. Environmental controls, in conjunction with the products we have selected to conserve energy, can provide real energy savings, helping you to live more comfortably, save money and giving you an environmentally friendly home.

Here are some examples of green electronic design:

  • Lights can be set on dimmers to cut down electricity use. A light that is dimmed 25% results in a 20% energy savings. Your eyes will not notice the difference. Plus, dimming the lights by 25% can increase the life of the bulb by a factor of six.
  • Occupancy sensors can be installed to turn off systems if a room is unoccupied for a period of time. For example if a TV is left on, system will turn it off after 30 minutes if the room is unoccupied.
  • If natural light from the windows meets your lighting needs, the control system will automatically dim or turn off the room's lights.
  • Select “away” mode to automatically turn off all lights and set all thermostats to energy-conservation mode. Shades can be set to raise and lower given temperature conditions within the room.

In the average household, 20% of energy usage is lighting. Let us help you manage lighting, heating, cooling, shades and other sub-systems to decrease your overall energy usage and live greener. Call us at (415) 453-4404 to discuss your needs.