Home Theater Control


Tired of the multiple remote controls you use to control your TV, cable box, receiver, DVD player and other components? There is a better way – a single, easy to use remote control can be programmed to control all of your equipment. Today’s off the shelf universal remote controls tend to be difficult to use, difficult to program, and require line-of-sight to your equipment. Unlike the off the shelf options, SRS Custom Integration provides an intuitive, simple, and easy to use remote control that can handle all of your needs and then some. In addition, the remote control we provide and program can control equipment that is hidden behind closed cabinet doors or within a closet.

SRS Custom Integration also provides a more robust option to clients who wish to control not only their entertainment system, but also their lighting and window shades within their home theater. Imagine sitting down to family movie night in your home theater. You press “play” and the lights slowly fade and the shades draw as your movie begins. This is quality home entertainment at its most luxurious.
If you have questions or would like to learn more about how SRS Custom Integration can simplify the technology in your home, please call us at (415) 453-4404.