Home Theater

SRS1Home Theater means different things to different people.  To us, it means the combination of high quality video and surround sound with the goal of accurately reproducing the cinema experience. This may mean a TV and surround sound in your living room. It may mean a dedicated screening room, including theater seating and controlled lighting and shades, within your home. SRS Custom Integration can help you get the best home theater - the best entertainment experience – for your budget.

 A Home Theater system as part of a living area such as a living room or family room typically includes a flat panel TV and a surround sound system.  In-wall, in-ceiling and/or floor standing speakers are integrated into this type of system to provide excellent sound often times better than a movie cinema.  Components can be housed in existing furniture or remotely located in a closet with a custom rack. System control is provided by either a dedicated traditional remote control or your iPhone or iPad. Imagine your next Super Bowl party or family movie night in front of a home theater system you are really proud of – great viewing, outstanding sound, and intuitive control. SRS Custom Integration can provide this for you given your specific needs and budget.

Dedicated Home Theater rooms are the ultimate expression of personal home entertainment – an SRS2entire room designed specifically for viewing movies and TV. These systems typically include a projector and large format movie screen, speaker systems hidden behind fabric walls, theater seating, lighting control and window covering control. Depending on your desires, the room can be architecturally uncomplicated or a re-creation of a specific venue. Some theaters are based on a particular theme. The Dedicated Screening Room is designed to provide a viewing and listening experience that is superior to the best cinemas.

SRS3Audio System/Surround Sound
Immerse yourself in the movie experience with expertly designed surround sound.  Five, seven or nine speakers will turn your room into the most intimate movie theater available. Surround sound audio is, simply put, sound that completely surrounds you.

In order to get the full cinema experience, it also means sound diversification, with thundering bass rumbling the floorboards as an explosion happens on-screen, and subtle sound effects pattering behind you during a suspenseful scene. For music, it means complete envelopment in the song you’re listening to. A great sound system-your theater room-will have speakers that will recreate sound the way the director or musician intended. SRS Custom Integration will provide this listening experience while being conscious of your needs, the acoustical specifications of your room, and your budget into consideration.

No matter how you envision your own home theater, SRS Custom Integration can help design your dream home cinema, and we would love to discuss your project with you. Call us at (415) 453-4404.