networking1As technology becomes more accessible in our everyday lives, the goal of SRS Custom Integration is to make it more enjoyable to use. A network is a method of allowing computers or other network enabled devices to communicate with one another. A wired or wireless network in your home will provide the ability to easily share content such as photos, videos and music and many other types of files and documents. A printer or printers can be shared by all computing devices in your home. Home automation systems are consistently using networks more for their communications, whether wireless or hard wired, to control devices within the home.

Hard wired networking offers great speed and bandwidth. SRS Custom Integration can provide multiple wired access points to the network within the house. The benefit to plugging in to a hard wired network is speed. You do not run the risk of multiple devices within the same area competing for bandwidth. Hard wired networks can be extended with wireless access points.

It doesn’t get any more convenient than wireless networking. There is no cord to worry about. Users can get up with their device connected to the network and move from room to room without losing connection.

Typically most homes use both wired networking and wireless networking. As content is delivered via streaming from the Internet more and more, network speed is going to become even more important. SRS Custom Integration provides networking solutions that make sense to the users’ needs. Typically we recommend wired networking to those devices that require a lot of bandwidth such as TVs using Netflix, Roku or other content provider. In addition, we recommend wireless networking for convenient use of laptops, iPads, and smartphones.