Paradigm Speakers

Paradigm Speakers Cinema LineFor the past 30 years, Paradigm has stuck to a primary mission of offering speakers that are well-engineered, subjectively pleasing to the ear, aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced. They have an incredibly wide array of speaker options, addressing different needs at different price points.  All of Paradigm's speaker lines provide excellent bang for the buck.

It is clear from Paradigm's website that the company has embraced home theater. Paradigm does produce speakers that are excellent for surround sound. However, they also offer very high quality speakers for other applications – listening rooms, media rooms, whole home audio and outdoor applications. For example, Paradigm’s Signature Series should be a consideration of audiophiles, as they can compete when it comes to reproducing stereo music (and with a more affordable price tag).

Design based on science

Paradigm is one of the largest speaker manufacturers in North America, and works in close connection with the Canadian National Research Council, which performs large scale studies to show what consumers prefer in speaker sound. Measuring speaker performance is a key objective of the company, and much of their speaker development utilizes a variety of measurement techniques to test and refine design ideas.

Paradigm is one of just a handful of speaker manufacturers that performs double-blind tests of their speakers to make sure personal bias does not impact judgment of product performance. In these tests, Paradigm speakers are judged against competing products from behind black curtains. The listeners do not know anything about the speaker except the sound that is coming from it, and thus, are able to judge the speaker on that component alone.  

Excellent value

Almost all of the design, engineering and manufacturing work takes place in Paradigm's 115,000-square-foot Mississauga, Ontario facility. Paradigm is a “vertically integrated” company - they design and build everything in-house from the drivers to cabinets. This, combined with manufacturing at a high volume, means the company is able to reduce the cost of production, and they can include higher end components than the retail price would normally dictate. Thus the price/value proposition of Paradigm speakers is well above average.

Sophisticated aesthetics

Paradigm recognizes that, while the audio quality their speakers produce is important, the aesthetics of the speakers is also significant.  Speakers that are a part of the audio/visual system need to be diminutive or elegant – and sometimes both. At the mid and higher tier of their lines, Paradigm produces speakers with very graceful lines and multiple high-end finish options. At the lower end, they produce speakers that are discrete, and often have multiple finish options as well.
High quality speakers are necessary for any installation – they offer a window to the original performance, as the composer, musician or director intended. SRS Custom Integration has installed Paradigm speakers for clients in Marin, San Francisco and the Silicon Valley, and our clients have consistently been very satisfied with them.

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