Projectors & Screens

The center piece of your home entertainment system is the screen – whether it be a quality flat screen HDTV or a screen/projector combination, selecting the right screen for your home theater is important. Different brands are best in different situations, not only for viewing but also for ease of use and compatibility with the rest of your system. Below are the brands we recommend – give us a call at (415) 453-4404 to discuss your specific needs.


Draper is a company that has been around for over 100 years. SRS Custom Integration recommends Draper’s projection screens because the company offers many types of screens, all of which are high quality. 



SRS Custom Integration recommends BenQ projectors for their high quality and reliability. BenQ’s DLP home entertainment projectors have excellent brightness and good color. BenQ has received several awards from for their outstanding Home Theater Projectors.



Epson projectors are good quality for the cost conscious consumer. SRS Custom Integration recommends Epson for their sharp image quality and reliability.