Speakers are the one interface you have with your recorded music and other home entertainment audio. Choosing the right speaker system depends on many factors. To reproduce your favorite music in the highest quality possible, SRS Custom Integration recommends the following speakers. Please call us at (415) 453-4404 to discuss your specific speaker system needs and desires.

paradigm logo-1SRS Custom Integration recommends Paradigm for high quality and high value. Innovative design, advanced materials and state-of-the-art engineering have made Paradigm an international leader in speaker design and manufacturing. Click here to learn more about Paradigm Speakers.



SRS Custom Integration recommends Canton for their “pure music” - pristine, unadulterated sound reproduction. Canton manufactures speakers for people with a wide variety of lifestyles, technical requirements and personal taste.



KEF purports to be “innovators in sound” – and, based off our experience, this is true. SRS Custom Integration recommends KEF for the quality, true to life, sound they offer.



SRS Custom Integration recommends Tannoy for our commercial installations. Tannoy are quality speakers that can offer music playback is clear-sounding everywhere in most commercial situations.