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Imagine your house full of music – each room you enter can play the same or different music from multiple sources. Never missing a moment of the DVD you are watching with your family, even when you go to the kitchen to make a snack, because the video distribution within the house allows you to turn on the TV in the kitchen and watch the same content. The benefits of structured cabling (also known as structured wiring) range from whole house entertainment and content delivery (audio and video distribution) to computer networking to home automation.

If you are thinking about remodeling your existing home or building a new home, it is the perfect time to future proof your home by installing a structured cabling system. With structured cabling, SRS Custom Integration provides a central location for your network, telephone and TV wiring to come into your house.  The benefit is you are preparing your home for current and future technology needs. A structured wiring system provides the infrastructure to create a communications network from room to room that is organized and easy to follow.

A structured wiring system starts at a central distribution panel.  Outside services, such as cable, satellite, phone lines, and DSL tie in to the distribution panel. The distribution panel allows the homeowner to select which services will be used for each outlet throughout the house. A jack used for a phone line today can easily be used for a DSL line tomorrow. It is easy to switch services, for example, from satellite dish to cable. Similarly, as your family needs change, it is easy to repurpose a room, say from a spare bedroom to office or gaming room/golf simulator room.

All structured cabling systems use a star cabling pattern. With star cabling, each jack has its own run of cable going back to the central distribution panel. This makes it easy to switch out services used, and also makes it easy to troubleshoot if there are issues, either when the structured cabling is installed, or 5, 10 or more years in the future.

Let SRS Custom Integration provide the wiring backbone that allows for future technology upgrades without additional future construction hassle or expense. This may sound costly, but it does not compare to the expense and hassle of opening walls to insert wires after construction is completed. SRS Custom Integration has been providing structured cabling systems since 2000, and has the knowledge and experience to design a system that will provide for all your future connectivity and communication needs in your home. Further, we have an understanding of what is needed from a project management standpoint to communicate and coordinate effectively with the general contractor, electrical contractor and others on the job site to make certain our portion of the job runs smoothly and does not interfere with the jobs of the other trades on site. Structured wiring provides for the smart home technologies of today, and the smart home systems of the future.

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