The center piece of your home entertainment system is the screen – whether it be a quality flat screen HDTV or a screen/projector combination, selecting the right screen for your home theater is important. Different brands are best in different situations, not only for viewing but also for ease of use and compatibility with the rest of your system. Below are the brands we recommend – give us a call at (415) 453-4404 to discuss your specific needs.

Sharp AQUOS logo

The Sharp AQUOS is a 90" LED TV that offers a big screen, slim profile and energy efficiency. These TVs offer cutting edge technology in screen size, provide an extremely clear high definition viewing experience, and cost just $28 a year to operate.



SRS Custom Integration recommends Samsung because they provide high quality HDTVs at a good price. Samsung consistently receive high reviews for clarity and brightness. In addition, they are easy to use and integrate well with other components. 



Sony is known for their superior quality in all the types of electronics they manufacture. SRS Custom Integration recommends Sony HDTVs because of their quality and reliability. A Sony will provide fantastic image quality for a fair price. 


SunBriteTV-logo-265 2

SunBrite offers all weather TVs that are protected from rain, dirt, dust, insects, scratches, and extreme temperature ranges. SRS Custom Integration recommends SunBrite to residential and commercial clients for outdoor installations.



TV for him. Decor for her. Hidden technology with high design appeal. Séura is an award-winning manufacturer of Mirror Televisions and Outdoor Televisions. The Mirror Televisions come in different styles, including those suitable for the living room or bedroom and those suitable for the bathroom. Some models are even waterproof. Séura is innovative, eco-conscious, woman-owned, and engineers and manufactures every product in the USA.