Video Distribution

Imagine being able to access video content stored in a centralized location – start watching a movie in the family room and finish in your bedroom, move from the living room to the kitchen to make a snack without missing a moment of the Super Bowl. All this without needing to store equipment in each room you desire a TV screen. Zoned video can be utilized to play the same or different content in different locations within the house. Easily access your video content through your Apple device, a dedicated remote control, or key pads installed in each room. SRS Custom Integration recommends the video switcher brands below because they are reliable and produce little to no signal degradation.


SAtlonaRS Custom Integration recommends Atlona video switchers because they provide a good product at a great price. Atlona video switchers perform as expected, and are a good solution for residential clients.


key digital logo i684

Key Digital is on the cutting edge of video signal distribution solutions for high definition TV applications. SRS Custom Integration recommends Key Digital video switchers because they are a great solution for residential clients.


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Gefen makes video switchers that are rock solid workhorses in commercial situations. SRS Custom Integration recommends Gefen to commercial clients.