What is Custom Integration?

home-automationWhat can a custom integrator do for me?

Custom Integration means having all electronic systems in your home or business under one control system. A custom integrator can provide a single, easy to use control system for all lighting, HVAC systems, audio visual systems, surveillance systems, networking and any other electronic systems you can imagine.  Custom Integration can simplify your life, making it more convenient, safer, more energy efficient and more enjoyable.
Electronic systems have traditionally been separate – the lighting is controlled by switches in each room, the HVAC by one or more thermostats throughout the house, the audio visual system by separate remote control(s).  A Custom Integrator has the expertise to integrate these systems and more, allowing them to communicate with each other, respond to detected conditions and be controlled on-site and remotely. In the simplest terms, Custom Integration can make your home a smart home.

Control is provided through an interface customized to the specific needs of each client, and can be set up to perform automated tasks. For more information go to our Home Automation page.